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Remember when you used to do daily writing in school as a kid? Or write down whimsical thoughts and stories, mostly because there was nothing else to do? Maybe poured your heart and soul out into a diary?

Whatever happened to those words, and that practice?

The Writing Nook wants to connect you to the act of writing once again – not to necessarily produce or publish anything, but simply because it feels good. The act of writing releases stress, stimulates creativity and offers us a gateway to different worlds.


If you can put words down on a page – not even necessarily in sentence form - you’re a writer. If you can make a list, you’re a writer (we love lists). Like yoga or meditation, writing has enormous benefits. It helps us process and release emotions, stress and boredom. We don’t critique or edit in these sessions – it’s all about being there for each other in the purely creative release process. We sometimes cry, or snort laugh. And this is a totally judgement free zone.

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The Writing Nook offers a supportive environment for starting to write, along with creative prompts and fun exercises so you don’t have to fear the blank page.


We offer a variety of opportunities to connect to this self-care practice, from a one-time session to joining an ongoing series, like your favourite book club but without pretending you’ve actually read the book. Ready to nook? Check out our offerings here:


From Janice: I wrote a piece for CBC about the writing process and the time I burned my diaries… check it out here.